How to Determine the Service Quality of a Compressed Air Provider

Feb 04, 2020 by Brad Taylor

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Proper air compressor repair and preventative maintenance on your equipment is essential to your business running smoothly — especially when it comes to equipment like your compressed air system, which is integral in keeping your operation running.

So, when it comes to finding an equipment service provider, finding a quality provider can be the difference between your equipment running efficiently and dealing with unplanned downtime.

How can you you determine if an equipment service provider is the right fit? There are three things you should expect from a quality service provider, no matter what equipment they service. Let’s dive into each in more detail.

What to Expect From a Good Service Provider

1. Experience

You wouldn’t trust just any old doctor to perform surgery on you, would you? Well, you shouldn’t trust just any equipment service provider to work on your compressed air system (or any of your equipment, for that matter).

When looking for a service provider, you want someone with experience working with your specific set of equipment. For your compressed air system, you want an experienced technician who understands the make and model of your system, strong experience in maintenance and repair, have access to spare parts, and be familiar with compressed air technology in order to diagnose issues that complement the system (i.e. compressed air piping systems, refrigerated air dryers, desiccant air dryers, inline filtration, air compressor oil separator, etc.).

2. Efficiency

Downtime costs you. So when you experience an issue with your compressed air system or other crucial equipment that keeps your business operating, you need a service provider who can take care of it quickly — helping to prevent significant losses.

When determining the quality of a service provider, look into their response time. How quickly do they dispatch? Are they available for emergencies? What are their operating hours? These questions will help you determine how available a service provider is, and if their schedule works for your business and repair needs.

However, it’s not just about how quickly a service provider can get to you. You’ll also want to consider how quickly they can get the job done. Your equipment service provider should be able to clearly communicate how long a job will take and provide timely updates about the progress of the repair, so you can set expectations with your team and customers. In emergency situations, you’ll need a service provider who can expedite any necessary parts or provide a rental to keep your business up and running while your system is repaired.

3. Reliability and Trustworthiness

Repair situations are hardly planned, meaning you need an equipment service provider you can count on when the unexpected happens.

A great way to gauge reliability of a service provider is to look at their testimonials and reviews. Consider the following when reading over these:

  • Did others find the service provider trustworthy?
  • Did the provider get the job done in a timely manner?
  • Were all costs disclosed?
  • Would the reviewer use their service again?
  • Were there any obvious red flags?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What is your initial impression when speaking to them for the first time?

When it comes to specialized equipment (like a compressed air system), it can be hard to tell what repairs really need to be done and what a service company is overcharging for or upselling. You need a partner you can trust, with ethical and honest business practices, and who has your best interests in mind — meaning you only pay for the service, parts, and technicians that are required for the repair or maintenance.

What Makes Fluid-Aire Dynamics Different

At Fluid-Aire Dynamics, we’re committed to providing exceptional service. Our 5 Point Service Pledge means you get the best of the best, no matter when you need us.

Since our beginning, we’ve remained committed to our promise of quality, integrity, and honesty. We know that when it comes to choosing a service provider for your compressed air system, you’re selecting a provider you can trust to keep your business up and running. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with the highest level of equipment service by bringing you the following:

  • 250+ Years of Industry Experience
  • Holistic Compressed Air System Servicing
  • Multiple Brand Servicing
  • 24/7 Availability for Emergencies
  • Instant Dispatching & Quick Response Time
  • Parts Availability
  • Over-the-phone and On-site Support

So if you’re looking for a new compressed air system service provider, give us a call. We’ll be happy to provide you with the excellent service our customers have come to expect with every interaction.

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