Free Compressed Air System Assessment

Free Compressed Air System Assessment

Reduce waste, identify savings opportunities, and optimize compressed air system performance with a free Compressed Air System Audit from Fluid-Aire Dynamics. Our qualified compressed air experts will conduct a comprehensive 20-point assessment to document equipment performance, air demands, maintenance requirements, and optimization recommendations.

Brands We Serve

With over 30 factory-trained service technicians, we have deep experience in air compressor maintenance, service, and repair for almost any brand of rotary screw or hydrovane-style air compressor, including: Atlas Copco, Champion, Chicago Pneumatic, Curtis Toledo, Elgi, Gardner-Denver, Hydrovane, Ingersoll-Rand, Kaeser, Kaishan, Mattei, Pneu Tech, Quincy, Saylor Beall, Sullair, Sullivan Palatek, and many, many others.

How It Works

Our factory-trained compressed air experts conduct a thorough 20-point assessment of your compressed air system and give you a report that documents your air demand, system performance, and optimization opportunities. Your compressed air audit includes:

  1. Review Overall System Layout
  2. Review System Equipment List
  3. Check for Efficient Drain Operation
  4. Check for Optimized System Pressure
  5. Check for Point-of-Use Regulation
  6. Confirm Proper Dryer & In-Line Filtration Function
  7. Check for Moisture & Proper Air Quality
  8. Assess Need for Point-of-Use Drying
  9. Detect Presence of Oil/Water Condensate in Compressor Area
  10. Identify Improper/Wasteful Uses of Compressed Air
  11. Calculate System Leak Rate
  12. Check for Short-Cycling & Adequate Storage
  13. Check for Proper Mode of Operation on Controller
  14. Assess the Need for Variable Speed Drive
  15. Note Ambient Condition & Heat Ventilation
  16. Check for Proper Operating Temperature
  17. Assess Loaded vs Unloaded Hours for Oversized Compressor
  18. Check for Proper Safety Valve for Total HP (including back-ups)
  19. Determine Energy Incentives Available
  20. Identify Any Special Uses or Demands

We Are Local

Fluid-Aire Dynamics’ core service areas include the metro areas of Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Detroit, and San Antonio. We are passionate about ‘doing compressed air right’ and committed to serving our customers with outstanding support.


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Contact Your Professional Air Compressor Repair Service Today!

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What are the benefits of a compressed air system audit?

A compressed air system audit can help you save money and energy, optimize the performance of your system, make informed decisions about upgrades or reconfiguration, and avoid unnecessary downtime. Your factory-trained technician will evaluate all aspects of system performance, document patterns in air demand for your facility, and identify any emerging problems or issues that need attention. Then, they will recommend any improvements that can be made to improve reliability or efficiency or better meet current or future air demand requirements. A compressed air audit will help you:
• Understand your current air demand patterns and where air is being wasted through leaks or misuse.
•Check compressed air quality, including moisture levels, oil carryover, and contaminants.
• Determine the optimum PSI for your compressed air system and whether your air compressor and dryers are properly sized for your air demand.
• Check functioning of compressors, dryers, drains, and other compressed air system components to make sure everything is operating correctly.
• Find opportunities to reduce air or energy waste and optimize system settings for maximum efficiency.
• Identify emerging problems (such as oil leaks, blockages, etc.) that could lead to unexpected downtime, poor system performance or air quality problems.
• Make decisions for system upgrades and improvements.

How long does a full compressed air system assessment take?

Your sales engineer will complete the system inspection and evaluation on the day of your appointment. For a smaller compressed air system, this may be completed in an hour; a larger, more complex system may require a couple of hours onsite. If your audit includes data logging, we will leave the data logging equipment on your system for one to two weeks after your initial appointment. After we retrieve the equipment, you will have your full report in a couple of days.

Who will conduct the compressed air system assessment?

All of our compressed air system assessments are completed by factory trained, qualified professionals with in-depth training and experience in compressed air system design. They will not only complete the audit, but also explain the findings to you so that you understand exactly what your data are telling you. Our people are highly trained so you can count on their insights and recommendations as you make decisions about your compressed air system.