Air Compressor Maintenance Services & Preventative Maintenance Plans

Air Compressor Maintenance Services & Preventative Maintenance Plans

Fluid-Aire is your source for planned industrial air compressor maintenance. We offer maintenance packages to keep your compressed air system up and running and ensure safe, reliable, and efficient delivery of compressed air. Our factory-certified air compressor maintenance experts are always on call for scheduled PM, system audits, or emergency repair services to keep you in operation.

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Our Maintenance Service Plans

Fluid-Aire Dynamics offers three levels of Elite Preventive Maintenance Service Plans for your air compressor. From our Free Maintenance Reminder Program to our ‘bumper-to-bumper' Elite Service Subscription, we have you covered in the Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Detroit, and Philadelphia metro areas.

Reminder Service
Once we establish a service account for your operation and the appropriate air compressor maintenanceRead More schedule for your unit, we simply remind you that normal maintenance is due. You can then decide to call us in for troubleshooting, repairs, parts, and supplies. If there is a major issue or emergency down situation, a call to our emergency response hotline will have a qualified and knowledgeable service technician onsite within four hours. There is no charge for the reminders; however, on-demand service calls, parts, and supplies are charged at the standard rate.
Our standard air compressor preventive maintenance agreement establishes a fixed cost for the normal preventiveRead More maintenance on your compressed air system. Your service technician comes onsite, with a pre-arranged appointment, and maintains the equipment. Your contracted rate includes all labor and parts, so you can control your budget while we keep your system clean and operating at top efficiency.
The Fluid-Aire Dynamics Elite Service Subscription is our premium maintenance and full protection package. It’sRead More like an extended warranty on your entire system! We inspect and maintain your compressors, dryers, and filtration to guarantee the clean, dry, reliable, and energy-efficient air that drives your operation. This agreement offers ‘bumper-to-bumper’ coverage that includes both standard maintenance and repairs for a predictable monthly rate.
Maintenance Reminder Call
45+ Point Inspection Report
24 Hour Service
4 Hour Emergency Response Guarantee
Extended Equipment Life
Satisfaction Guaranteed
No Cleaning Charges
No Shipping Charges
Budgeted Maintenance Costs
'Bumper to Bumper' Repair Coverage
Emergency Service Free Waived
Priority Attention for Emergency Service
Budgeted Monthly Billing
50% Discount on Rentals
Fair Market Value on Equipment Trade-ins
Remote Equipment Monitoring (Coming Soon)
Hassle Free, High-Quality Compressed Air
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Why maintain your compressed air system?

Air compressor preventive maintenance (PM) is essential for the reliable, safe, and efficient operation of your industrial air compressor and to prevent a costly air compressor failure. The time and costs associated with regular PM and proper maintenance are negligible compared to the costs of an emergency repair. Our PM services will help you:

  • Minimize or eliminate unscheduled downtime and maximize profitable uptime.
  • Avoid costly repair bills and ensure optimal compressor operation.
  • Reduce depreciation of capital investment due to poor maintenance.
  • Reduce production rework due to a poorly operating compressed air system.
  • Reduce energy costs and excessive power demands caused by inefficient performance.
  • Reduce the need for expensive backup equipment.
Why maintain your compressed air system?

Standard vs. Preventative Air Compressor Maintenance

You know the saying: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! That's true when it comes to air compressor maintenance. Completing standard and preventative maintenance for your air compressor will help you avoid unexpected air compressor failure and emergency repair bills down the road.



Standard air compressor maintenance typically involves regular checks and upkeep of the compressor to ensure that it is operating efficiently and effectively. This can include things like checking and replacing air filters, maintaining proper lubrication for moving parts, and checking and tightening belts and hoses.



Air compressor preventive maintenance involves taking proactive steps to prevent potential problems with the air compressor before they happen. This can include things like conducting regular inspections of the air compressor, performing regular maintenance tasks, and replacing parts before they wear out or break. By implementing a preventative maintenance plan, you can help to ensure that your air compressor stays in good working order and continues to operate efficiently over time.

Contact Local Air Compressor Experts!

Contact Local Air Compressor Experts!

Do you need to schedule a maintenance? Reach out now for reliable and efficient air compressor solutions!


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Our Exclusive Inspection & Maintenance Process

Our factory-trained, knowledgeable technicians service all major commercial air compressors and brands of air dryers. We inspect your system, perform all recommended PM, and address any issues identified—in the first visit, whenever possible.

  • We’ll schedule your service in advance and communicate every step of the way.
  • Your system will be inspected, serviced, cleaned and/or repaired so it is in peak operating condition.
  • Upon completion, you will be informed as to what issues were addressed and what measures should be taken to prevent the issues from reoccurring. 


Air compressor maintenance starts with a complete inspection of the system, including all moving parts and consumables. The inspection helps us to identify existing or emerging issues with the compressor. We begin by checking for air leaks or oil leaks in the compressor that may indicate a problem. Air compressor inspection also includes:

  • Air Intake Filter
  • Air & Oil Cooler
  • Electrical Connections
  • Starter Contacts
  • Belts 
  • Drive Coupler
  • Vibration MHz
  • Safety Devices
  • Pressure Gauges/Pressure Switch Diaphragm 
  • Temperature Gauges
  • Main Fasteners
  • Drain Valves
  • Covers & Guards
  • Scavenge Lines
  • Air Compressor Shut Off System
  • Safety Shutoff Mechanisms

Record Data

We gather a variety of data points on your air compressors during maintenance to help us gauge its performance and efficiency. We can use this data to calculate the leak rate of your system, set appropriate alarm thresholds for your compressor, and identify opportunities for energy savings, such as moving to a VSD air compressor or completing leak repair. Data recording includes metrics such as:

  • Load/Unload Pressures
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Discharge Temperature
  • Load/Unload Amps
  • Running Voltages
  • Loaded vs Unloaded kW


If any parts or components are found to be worn or damaged during the inspection process, we’ll replace them–in the same visit, if possible. Our service trucks are stocked with all of the most commonly needed parts for air compressor maintenance (and a lot of the uncommon ones, too). Air compressor replacement parts and consumables may include:

  • Air Intake Filter
  • Oil Filtration
  • Air/Oil Separator
  • Cabinet Filtration
  • Belts
  • Lubricant
Download: Our Exclusive 45+ Point Inspection & Maintenance Checklist
Fluid-Aire Dynamics: Your Local Compressed Air Experts

Fluid-Aire Dynamics: Your Local Compressed Air Experts

Our compressed air customers know that they can count on us for knowledgeable, factory-certified technicians and prompt, professional air compressor service near Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Detroit, and Philadelphia. The Fluid-Aire Dynamics service team knows air compressor maintenance inside and out. They can help you solve–or prevent–problems with your air compressor. Whether you want complete white-glove service for your air compressors or just some air compressor maintenance tips, we've got you covered.

  • Expert Service Team

    Access a team of factory-certified technicians, adept in prompt, professional air compressor maintenance and problem-solving.

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Solutions

    From complete white-glove service to helpful maintenance tips, we offer tailored solutions for all your air compressor needs.

  • Proactive Problem Prevention

    Our service not only solves existing compressor issues but also focuses on preventing future problems and ensuring long-term reliability.

Clients Reviews

I have been working with Fluid-Aire Dynamics for the last 20 years at Boston Scientific and they have always been right there when we needed them

Hunter Moss

Boston Scientific

Tech was very professional and quickly went about the job at hand. Explained differences between our compressors and how to compensate for them. Took care of the issue the first time and we're up and running!

Dave Ashley

MRG Tool & Die Corp.

Fluid-Aire had good and helpful people that usually keep things working well. If there is an equipment problem, your people dig in to get it solved

Michael Gandrud

Gandy Company

Clients Reviews


Do air compressors need maintenance?

Yes, regular preventative maintenance is critical for the safe, reliable and efficient operation of your air compressor. A poorly maintained air compressor will end up costing your company money, both directly and indirectly. Regular Preventative Maintenance (PM) helps you avoid unexpected downtime and emergency repair costs, reduce energy costs and maximize equipment life. Companies can save money with regular preventative maintenance on their compressed air systems.

How often should air compressors be serviced?

Optimal PM service intervals for your air compressors depend on your model, usage patterns, and the environment in which the compressor operates. Check your user manual for air compressor maintenance schedule recommendations specific to your model. However, as a rule of thumb, a basic PM for a standard lubricated rotary screw air compressor (which includes checking/changing air and oil filters and inspecting/tightening electrical connections) should be completed every 1,000 - 2,000 operating hours, or every 3-6 months. A full PM and inspection (which includes oil change, air and oil filters, and maintenance for all belts, bearings, drain valves, air/oil separators, and electrical connections) should be completed at least annually or after 4,000 operating hours. Our expert technicians can help you with more air compressor maintenance tips.

Why is preventative maintenance important with air compressors?

Air compressors need preventative maintenance for safe, efficient, and reliable operation. Without preventative maintenance, your air compressor will have a shorter service life and experience significantly more unplanned downtime. Emergency repairs cost much more than scheduled PM service, and unplanned downtime for production lines dependent on compressed air can cost anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars. Investing in a regular PM for your air compressor will ensure a reliable supply of clean, dry air for your operations for years to come.

How do I protect my air compressor?

The best way to protect your air compressor from unexpected downtime and emergency repairs is to follow all recommended preventative maintenance schedules and address emerging problems promptly before they become big problems. Follow all recommendations in your owner’s manual for daily and weekly upkeep, such as checking the air compressor oil, changing inline filters and draining condensation. Have a full PM completed at least annually or on the schedule recommended in your owner’s manual.

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