5 Ways to Avoid Downtime on a Compressed Air System

Oct 21, 2021 by Brad Taylor

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Given how crucial compressed air supply is to manufacturing systems, unplanned downtime on most compressed air systems for sale can be a critical problem for your operations. Afterall, when your system goes down, your business shuts down, too. Not only do you have to pay to repair the system, but you’re losing valuable money you could be making by operating your business!

Yet due to the amount of work compressed air systems go through (such as running continuously, generating heat, ingesting dirt, etc.), unexpected downtime is practically a given if you aren’t proactively caring for your system.

Luckily, we have five easy ways you can stay on top of your compressed air system and keep unscheduled downtime (and costly repairs) to a minimum.

1. Visual Inspection

If you want a quick and easy way to stay on top of your air compressed system, give it a visual inspection on a weekly basis. It only takes about five minutes to walk back to your system and give it a once over.

First, check for oil leaks. If you catch them when they’re minor, you can prevent major issues like hose ruptures, which will certainly cause unexpected downtime.

Also inspect any filters on the enclosure. If the filter is dirty, blow it out—you don’t want to starve your system for air, which it needs in order to maintain the temperature of the compressor.

2. Pressure Wash Coolers

If your environment is exceptionally dirty, you can avoid unexpected downtime on your compressed air system by pressure washing your oil cooler before the summer months hit. Remember, you need to have fresh air across the cooler to remove the heat. A dirty system means a starved system, which leads to overheating and air compressor downtime.

By proactively pressure washing your cooler before the warmer months, you maintain the temperature of the compressor despite rising outside temperatures, keeping everything running smoothly.

3. Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Your compressed air system runs constantly and it’s critical to your facility. One of the best ways to prevent unplanned downtime is to schedule preventative maintenance. Just as you treat your car to some extra love after so many miles, your compressed air system needs the same care.

With preventative maintenance, you can keep your equipment running reliability and efficiently while cutting down on unnecessary (and costly) repairs. Find a service level that’s right for you with our maintenance plans.

4. Listen to the Compressor

It may sound wonky, but you’d be surprised how much you can find out by just giving your compressor a listen. Think about it: you hear that thing run every single day! You’ll be able to tell in an instant if something is off.

Make it a point during your visual inspection to take a close listen to your system. Is it making an abnormal sound? Does it sound like it’s working harder than it should? If so, don’t just turn the music up louder and go back to work! Give a tech a call to get someone out there to evaluate the issue. Leaving it running could lead to unplanned downtime and larger repair costs!

5. Check Oil Levels

In addition to fresh air, your compressed air system needs oil to keep things lubricated and running. Take a few moments each week to check your oil levels. You can even train someone to do it!

You don’t need to top off the oil yourself, especially since having to add oil constantly can be indicative of a larger issue. But simply noticing if the oil is in the abnormal range can save your system from failing unexpectedly.

If you do see abnormal oil levels and don’t notice a leak, give a tech a call to come inspect the unit further.

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