How Do Industrial Air Filters Work?

Jun 14, 2018

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Do you have the right air filters in your compressed air system? Do you have a good understanding of the purpose of industrial air filters and what they can do for you? There are many industries in which high air quality is crucial, and the only way to ensure you can get the air quality you need is with a high-quality air purification system, such as the kind Fluid-Aire Dynamics offers.

We can provide you with a complete system to improve air quality and keep your products clean and safe, from air compression systems to air dryers with reliable air filters. If you’re interested in learning more about how good air filters fit into the process, read on.

How Do Air Filters Work?

How do industrial air filters work, and why do you need them in your facility? If you’re using compressed air for your operations in fields like pharmaceuticals, research and development, defense or the food and beverage industry, you already understand that the quality of your air is important. But just because you have compressed air doesn’t mean your air is clean and dry enough for your purposes.

The right air dryer eliminates the moisture that could lead to corrosion or contamination, and the right air filter screens out any debris or contaminants that may have accumulated.

The action of our industrial air filters is fairly simple. The air is pushed through the compressor, after which it flows to the dryer. Particulate filters catch the debris, dirt, oil or other contaminants and then allow the cleaner air to go through. The air is dried and goes through a coalescing filter to rid it of oil aerosols or water impurities. Finally, it exits the dryer, going through another particulate filter.

What Industries and Applications Use Industrial Air Filters?

Any industry that can benefit from air compressors and air dryers also needs high-quality air filters, and there are many of them. Industries and companies using air filters and other compression air products include food and beverage companies, petrochemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, the energy industry and the military.

At Fluid-Aire Dynamics, we are confident we have the right air filters to suit your specific needs. We have a range of air filters from the best air filtration brands in the industry and offer high-pressure filters, high-temperature filters and even stainless-steel filters to meet the demands of your industry. We have activated carbon bed vapor filters and mist eliminators as well.

We’re ready to meet all your air filter needs. Take a look at our selection of quality name-brand air filters or get in touch with us, and one of our experts will be happy to talk to you about which air filters might be right for your business. For more information, a free estimate or to place an order, contact us today.

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