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Mar 23, 2021 by Brad Taylor

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Does your compressed air system have the proper dryers or filtration needed to keep your machinery operating at peak efficiency?

Solenoid valve and tool change-out problems on your CNC machines?

If you are experiencing problems with solenoid valves and tool change-outs on your CNC machining centers, the problem could be that you are not supplying the CNC with clean dry compressed air to prevent rust and oil contamination.

As you would know, when a tool change-out is being performed both the shank and the inside of the tool holder receive a blast of compressed air just before the shank is inserted to blow off any metal particles. It is extremely important that this blast of  compressed air is completely free of moisture! If it isn’t, rust will quickly form on both the spindle and the tool holder shank. Rust can also cause the tool to not run true and create quality control issues resulting in product waste.

Contaminated air also can foul the control solenoid valves causing machine malfunction.

“If your compressed air system does not have the appropriate dryers (refrigerated air dryers, desiccant air dryers) or air compressor oil separator filter, chances are, you are losing production!”

Your solution may be…

  • Service on your existing Dryer
  • Replacement of your existing Dryer
  • The purchase of a Dryer
  • Service on your existing Filtration
  • New Filtration
  • Service on your existing Compressor(s)
  • A Condensate Waste System
  • New Condensate Drain Valves
  • Or a FREE System Analysis from Fluid-Aire Dynamics! (compressed air audit)
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