Air Compressor Overheating Newsletter

Mar 23, 2021 by Brad Taylor

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Is Your Air Compressor Overheating?

Do you experience excessive downtime due to your air compressors shutting down on high temperature? Does downtime cost your company money? Here are a few reasons your compressor may be shutting down with high temperature alarms;

  • Dirty or clogged coolers (air/oil)
  • Low on oil
  • Clogged Oil Filter(‘s) and, or Air/Oil Separator(‘s)
  • Faulty Thermal Valve
  • Faulty HAT(High Airend Temperature) sensor
  • Excessive ambient temperatures
  • If compressor is ventilated, ducting may be undersized or need a booster fan
  • Compressor oil may be varnishing causing excessive friction in the pump
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