The Difference Between Air Compression Assessments and Audits

Dec 07, 2021

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Are you looking for ways to lower your energy consumption? Do you know the difference between air compression assessments and air compression audits? You might be unaware of the cost savings altogether and hearing about it for the first time! The terms are sometimes synonymous with one another because they are both cost-saving options but with different purposes. The article below will explain the differences so that you are better equipped to know which ones you need and what they are.

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Air Compressor Assessments

Compressed air assessments, also known as walk-the-line assessments and even referred to sometimes as a compressed air survey, is a simple way to test your air compression system. The purpose of the assessment is to test the effectiveness and efficiency of the compression system so you know where it stands. The air compression assessment is a sort of snapshot of the system at any given moment. The visual inspection done on the system can help determine age, condition, type, and if it’s suitable for the facility needing it.

The assessment will consist of visual checks of the piping system, filtration, dryer, compressor, and drains. The visual inspection is typically done on the supply side of the system and the production floor and includes the compression room. A test done on the system can also check the efficiency of the system and its load and unload timing.

The assessment is also comprised of software to collect data for amperage and pressure. These data logging tests are focused on the supply side of the system. The statistics will help with reviewing how much energy is being used by the compression system. Information gathered from these tests will let you know what adjustments may be needed to increase efficiency, no matter how minor the adjustment may be.

After compiling the data, the software can create mock performances modeled after the data’s recording date. Having all this data will help find out if a deeper compressor audit needs to happen next. Approaching the air compression system with an assessment is excellent for smaller businesses with lower budgets to start and gauge where to go from here.

Air Compressor Audits

Air compressor audits are an in-depth, comprehensive test of the entire compression system. Since the system needs every part working correctly to have the most efficiency, audits are required to test the system in its entirety and check for leaks or air quality issues. The system does not need to shut down during the audit. The system needs to be on the entire time, so there is no worry about loss of business throughout the test. If left unchecked, the compression system can use up much more energy than average and cost you money from your bottom line.


Air audits use more software to test an array of factors in the system. The testing is more in-depth and can take up to 14 days to complete. Data loggers are attached to the system during that timeframe to measure pressure, flow, dew point, temperatures, amperage and more. It will also test the energy consumption over the 14 days. A detailed overview of the system is seen from the data collection to determine if anything is not working correctly.

The extended testing period helps create a comprehensive view of the compressed air usage and any anomalies within the system. From there, if there are ways to improve the system’s efficiency, it will be known. Finding leaks that may occur while the system is down for the night and on the weekends or finding out you need a different air compressor and making the required changes will help ensure your air compressor is running in top condition and at its top efficiency.

Additional Ways To Keep Your Air Compressor Running Efficiently

In addition to the assessments and audits that you will want periodically, there are ways to keep your air compressor running as efficiently as possible. There are different things to look out for and check on, depending on whether it’s winter or summer. For example, as the days get warmer in the summer months, condensation will form in the air compressor. Moisture will impact the performance, so check for condensation regularly. Checking the drains and keeping them clear and in working order will help increase efficiency in both production and how the machine runs.

Some filters need to be changed periodically to maintain air compressor efficiency, such as the air and oil filters. Keeping the filters cleaned maximizes efficiency and lets the air compressor produce cool air consistently. If the filters get clogged, the air compressor will work harder on even the most basic functions because of the pressure dropping. Not only will this decrease efficiency on a significant level, but it will also result in the parts in wearing out faster from the added stress from each task.

Having the machine in a well-ventilated area is just as important as the maintenance the system needs. Regular checks of the ventilation system are essential. If any air vents have dust or dirt built up, you will need to clean them off immediately and test the HVAC system for defects and possible dirt build-up. Air circulation is vital in any workplace and especially essential when using air compression machines every day.

Insulation is also important to monitor. If the air compressor is not inside in a well-insulated building for both the summer and winter months, the heat and cold temperatures can cause performance to drop drastically. Regularly maintaining your building’s insulation and making sure windows and entryways are adequately insulated will keep the air compressor running at optimal levels.

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