Fluid-Aire Dynamics Recognized as #1 in ComEd Leak Repair

Mar 23, 2021 by Brad Taylor

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200+ Manufacturers Have Air Leaks Fixed Free Through “Fix-it-Now” Program

Fluid-Aire Dynamics Recognized as #1 in ComEd Leak Repair

In Chicagoland, Fluid-Aire Dynamics has been hard at work helping manufacturers save money and energy by fixing compressed air system leaks through ComEd’s Leak Repair Program. Last month, that work was recognized by ComEd. We are proud to have been recognized for the Most Projects Submitted in 2019 at the ComEd Industrial Systems Energy Efficiency Service Provider (EESP) Kick-Off event in February.

Raj Raghavan, an Energy Advisor for the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program, says, “Fluid-Aire is a great group of people to work with. No matter who you interact with at Fluid-Aire, they will work equally hard and smart to enhance the reputation of their company. Their dedication to the ComEd program and to their customers greatly contributed to their success in 2019.”

3,617 Leaks Repaired at 135 Facilities in 2019

In 2019, the FAD team fixed 3,617 leaks for 135 manufacturers — the most projects submitted by any of ComEd’s EESPs. Since the program began in late 2018, we have helped 208 manufacturers fix leaks in their compressed air systems at no cost to their companies. ComEd covers the cost of leak repair up to $120 per leak through their energy efficiency program fund.

Leaks repaired by Fluid-Aire Dynamics in 2019 will save 7.1 GWh in energy annually. On average, we find and repair 24 leaks per facility, for average energy savings of ~$790 annually per customer. For some facilities, the savings are m

uch larger. At Aurora Bearing, we repaired 151 leaks for a reduction in energy use of 26,600 kWh and a total savings of $4,500 annually. Plant Supervisor Oscar Fletes says, “It’s a real benefit in the long run when you don’t have to waste compressed air, and it makes a world of difference in how the compressors work.”

Natasha Taylor, Sales Support Specialist for Fluid-Aire Dynamics, says, “Fluid-Aire Dynamics is proud to be the leading ComEd Energy Efficiency Service Provider in terms of projects submitted for 2019. Helping our customers improve the energy efficiency of their compressed air systems is a top priority for us. Fixing these leaks not only saves our customers money, but also reduces stress on the power grid and improves the environmental footprint for manufacturers who rely on compressed air. It’s a win-win-win for our customers, for ComEd, and for the environment.”

The “Fix-It-Now” Program for ComEd Customers

Fluid-Aire Dynamics is an approved service provider under ComEd’s leak repair program for compressed air system users. Leaks in compressed air systems waste air and energy. They also make your compressed air system work harder, putting added stress on components and reducing the life of your compressor.

The “Fix-It-Now” program covers 100% of the cost of leak repair up to $120 per leak. This covers the vast majority of leaks discovered in compressed air systems. Here’s how it works: Fix Compressed Air Leaks for Free.

To qualify for the Fix-It-Now program, manufacturers must:

  • Have power supplied by ComEd. (You can still qualify if you purchase power through a third-party energy provider, as long as your power ultimately comes from ComEd.)
  • Have a primary compressed air system of 25HP or larger (not including backup systems).

Steven Hanna, Vice President of V W Broaching, is another happy leak repair customer. He says, “I like free things. If there is a service I can benefit from that is paid for by someone else, I’m in!”

For more information or to schedule a Fix-It-Now appointment, contact Natasha Taylor at 630-994-3299 or natasha.taylor@fluidairedynamics.com.

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