Maintaining Your Air Compressor

Mar 23, 2021 by Brad Taylor

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Your air compressor is vital for keeping production in operation and key equipment running, so handling preventative maintenance in a timely manner is important. By scheduling regular air compressor maintenance with a reliable local service company, you prevent lost productivity and downtime that comes with not doing regular upkeep of your compressed air system and equipment, not to mention costly compressed air system repairs.

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There are also checks that you can do yourself to help save you service costs and prevent the need for emergency repair.


  • Check oil levels
  • Check oil pressure
  • Inspect for air and oil leaks
  • Test drain valves for proper operation
  • Monitor for odd noises and vibration
  • Inspect for air leaks


  • Air filters should be checked and cleaned or replaced if necessary
  • Clean after-coolers and oil coolers
  • Inspect belts
  • Water needs to be drained out of the oil
  • Moisture separator checked
  • Air distribution system should be checked for leaks


  • Check and tighten bolts
  • Test safety devices
  • Check connections for leaks
  • Belt tension should be checked if relevant


  • Change necessary filters and lubricants (if applicable)
  • Inspect valves for leaks or carbon buildup
  • Check all pressure settings


It is always recommended to have an expert service technician come annually to do a full PM (preventative maintenance). This usually includes items like changing the lubricants, air compressor oil separator, lubricating motors, checking the safety shutdown systems, and completing a 36 point checklist to file and keep with the machine records.

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