Do You Need an Extended Warranty for Your Air Compressor?

Oct 13, 2022 by Kevin Taylor

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Industrial air compressors are a significant capital expense for manufacturers. So, should you get an extended warranty if your supplier offers one? That depends on several factors, including what is and isn’t covered on your standard warranty, the additional coverage provided by the extended warranty program, and the costs and commitments involved. Let’s take a closer look at extended warranty options for industrial air compressors.

What Does an Air Compressor Warranty Cover?

A typical air compressor can last up to 20 years or even longer if it is well taken care of. Your typical air compressor warranty, however, doesn’t last nearly as long. Look for an air compressor manufacturer that stands behind their products with a generous standard warranty, especially on the air-end (one of the most expensive parts of your compressor). Many manufacturers only offer one to three years of coverage for the air-end, but it’s possible to find OEMs offering more generous warranty coverage for their compressors.

For example, PneuTech, offers bumper-to-bumper coverage for the entire unit and a lengthier parts-and-labor warranty for the air-end: five years for their RK Series rotary screw air compressors and a full ten years for their Ri and RSP Series rotary screw compressors. They also offer a standard five-year parts-and-labor warranty for the oil sump tank, electric motor(s), air coolers, oil coolers and VSD unit. This covers the most expensive repairs you’re likely to see on a rotary screw air compressor, and we believe it is the best manufacturer’s warranty in the business.

Make sure you understand exactly what your warranty covers, what you need to do to maintain that warranty, and what to do if you have a warranty claim. Your warranty may specify that you need to perform maintenance at recommended intervals, use OEM parts and consumables, or send in oil samples on a regular schedule. You may also need to take action to register your unit for the warranty. Failure to follow warranty instructions could end up costing you a ton of money if your unit needs repair.

Are Extended Warranties Worth It for Industrial Air Compressors?

If your manufacturer’s warranty for your air compressor is nearing its end, it may be worth it to look into extended warranty options. An extended warranty for your air compressor picks up where the standard warranty falls off and usually covers parts and labor for the most expensive parts of the system, such as the air-end and oil sump. Repairs for these parts can be quite expensive, so an extended warranty program can help you avoid unexpected repair costs and extend the life of your system.

Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure you know exactly what is covered, for how long, and what your responsibilities are to maintain the extended warranty. Ask the following questions before committing to an extended warranty program for your air compressor:

  • How long does the warranty extend?
  • What parts are covered?
  • Is labor for repairs covered in addition to the parts?
  • Do I need to send in oil samples? If so, how often?
  • Can I maintain the compressor myself, or do I have to purchase a service package?
  • Do I have to use specific parts and consumables?
  • Does any compressor qualify, or only compressors purchased through the warranter?

Some extended warranty programs for industrial air compressors don’t offer much; most only offer an additional 36 months of coverage on top of the standard warranty. If your standard warranty only covers the first two years, that’s just five total years of protection for your compressor - which companies like PneuTech offer in their standard warranties! Other extended warranties only cover the air-end or require you to purchase expensive service packages that you may or may not need. Look at the fine print before making a decision.

The Extend-Aire Warranty Protection Program: 20 Years or 80,000 Hours!

The Fluid-Aire Dynamics Extend-Aire Warranty Protection Program offers the most comprehensive and generous extended warranty protection available. It covers the air-end, oil cooler and oil sump tank for up to 80,0000 hours or 20 years from the manufacture date (whichever comes first). No other supplier offers a longer extended warranty package for industrial air compressors!

Even better, the Extend-Aire Program will cover most any make and model of compressor - even if Fluid-Aire Dynamics didn’t sell it to you originally. All you have to do is register your compressor, maintain your compressor using genuine Extend-Aire parts and consumables at the required intervals, and send in oil samples every six months or 2,000 hours of operation. You can hire our factory-trained technicians to maintain your compressor, or you can do it yourself with our service kits - the choice is yours.

 Extend-Aire Warranty Protection Program

FAQs About the Extend-Aire Warranty Protection Program

What does the Extend-Aire program cover?

The Extend-Aire Warranty Protection program covers repairs or replacement to the air-end, oil cooler, and oil sump tank for your industrial air compressor for up to 20 years or 80,000 hours. This coverage can save you thousands of dollars in unexpected repair costs. Following our recommended service intervals for preventative maintenance will also reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and emergency repairs.

Is my air compressor eligible for the Extend-Aire program?

The Extend-Aire program is available for oil-flooded rotary screw and rotary vane air compressors that are less than 20 years old or 80,000 hours of operation. It does not have to be a PneuTech compressor, and it does not need to have been purchased from us. To be eligible, the unit must be:

  • less than 20 years old, or have less than 80,000 hours of operation.
  • In good running condition.
  • Installed according to manufacturer specifications.
  • Able to use Extend-Aire parts and lubricants.

If you’re not sure whether your unit qualifies, talk to one of our air experts.

What do I need to do to maintain the Extend-Aire warranty protection?

To maintain your Extend-Aire warranty protection coverage, you must:

  • Complete all preventative maintenance at the recommended intervals using the materials provided in your Extend-Aire maintenance kit, or have your unit serviced by our team at the recommended intervals.
  • Send in an oil sample every six months or 2,000 operating hours. (Our team will take the sample if we are performing the maintenance).

How much does the Extend-Aire Warranty Protection Program cost?

There is no annual fee for the Extend-Aire program. You simply agree to perform maintenance at the required intervals using genuine Extend-Aire parts and lubricants. You can purchase the kits directly if you prefer to do your own maintenance, or you can purchase a service agreement that includes labor as well as parts and consumables.

Do I have to purchase a PM service package to maintain the Extend-Aire warranty?

No. If you would like us to maintain your air compressor, we offer affordable PM service packages to take the burden off you and your staff. But if you have the capacity to perform your own air compressor maintenance, and would rather do it yourself, that’s fine, too! You do have to agree to follow our recommended service intervals and use genuine Extend-Aire parts and lubricants. We’ll send you a service kit that includes all the lubricant and filtration needed to complete your maintenance.

Why do I have to take an oil sample to maintain my Extend-Aire warranty coverage?

Oil samples allow us to diagnose emerging problems with your air compressor that could lead to an emergency repair if not addressed. Diagnosing and addressing these problems early can help you avoid a costly emergency down situation. Based on the results of your oil analysis, we may make adjustments to your recommended service intervals or lubricants and filters. We may also schedule a proactive repair service to prevent small problems from turning into big emergencies.

Contact us to get started with the Extend-Aire Warranty Protection Program.

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