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Oct 12, 2020 by Brad Taylor

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Wiegel Tool Works: It’s All About the Service

When Wiegel Tool Works needed to upgrade to a larger compressed air system, they came straight to Fluid-Aire Dynamics. Their decision was based on a relationship with Fluid-Aire going back more than a decade. Ryan Wiegel, VP of Operations, says, “With Fluid-Aire, we know we’re more than just a number. They’ve always taken care of us.”

Challenge: Improving Reliability and Performance

Wiegel Tool Works specializes in metal stamping of precision parts for the automotive industry, including electrical connectors, contacts and various other electrical and non-electrical component parts. They have a high-volume shop with tight deadlines for their automotive customers. All of their machinery relies on compressed air.

They decided to invest in a new compressed air system because their older system, installed and serviced by Fluid-Aire, was at the end of its life and ready to be replaced. It had already been rebuilt once. Rather than rebuild the system for a second time, they decided to upgrade to a larger unit that would give them room to grow. “We cannot operate without compressed air,” Ryan says. “We lose thousands of dollars each day if our lines are down. We needed to have a system that we could rely on.”

Ryan says that the Fluid-Aire team went above and beyond to try to troubleshoot issues with the manufacturer of the older compressor and keep them up and running. “When the machine went down, they were here to help us out and get our backup systems up to snuff so they could carry the load. They even provided a temporary rental unit for us to use while the main compressor was down. They helped us keep our business going.”

The Fluid-Aire Solution: A System Tailored to Fit The Space

Ryan and his team decided to replace the older compressor with a new model that would have greater capacity as well as improved reliability. However, they were constrained in their options due to the tight layout of the shop.

Derrick Taylor, their system engineer, worked with them to identify equipment options that would work in their space and meet their capacity requirements. Fitting the new, larger model into the space occupied by the old compressor required some special rigging and new piping.

They ultimately decided to upgrade from their 100 HP variable frequency drive (VFD) to a 125 HP VFD PneuTech air compressor—Fluid-Aire Dynamics’s preferred brand. The added capacity allowed them to turn off a smaller “auxiliary” compressor that was previously used when the old system was at or overcapacity. They also purchased a new 50 HP backup compressor, which they sometimes use on second shift to save energy when demand is lower. Fluid-Aire gave them a five-year warranty on the new equipment.

Results: Performance and Peace of Mind

Installation of the new system went smoothly, even with the added challenges caused by their space constraints. The Fluid-Aire team had the new units installed in just half a day. The backup system was installed first, so they could keep their machines running during the process. “We had no downtime,” Ryan says.

The new 125 HP air compressor and backup system have improved uptime and performance for Wiegel. A small problem with a fan motor was quickly remedied and 100% covered under their warranty. The five-year warranty has given Ryan quite a bit of peace of mind; other manufacturers only provided a one-year warranty on their compressors.

He also appreciates the care that Fluid-Aire took in finding the right solution for their shop. “Fluid-Aire isn’t tied to any one compressor brand. They will give you the best overall solution for your operations. They aren’t going to try to upsell you on something that you don’t need.”

Most of all, Ryan says he comes to Fluid-Aire for the service and support. “With a lot of companies, once you buy a compressor, you never see them again. I like that Fluid-Aire is local and family owned. I know if I ever have a problem, they are going to be here for me.”

“Fluid-Aire Dynamics is receptive, proactive, and they are a family owned business, like us. I appreciate the care and personal attention they give us.”

Ryan Wiegel, VP of Operations
Wiegel Tool Works

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Just the Facts

  • Ri-125VSD-115B – Air Compressor, Pneutech 125hp Variable Speed Drive, 148 – 635 CFM @ 115 PSI, 460v 3 Phase 60Hz Electrics,
  • Integrated Line Reactor, Low Sound Enclosure, 72 dBA at 100pct. RPM, 10 Year Warranty
  • RDM-700CYC-436 – Pneutech Digital Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer, 700 CFM Rated (100F Inlet, 100F Ambient, 100 PSI), 460 Volt
  • 3 Phase Electrics, Automatic Condensate Drain
  • FHO-885 – PneuTech Filter Housing, 2″ NPT, 885 CFM Rated, with Float Drain & Differential Pressure Indicator
  • 75HP & 50 HP backup system also with refrigerated air dryer and pre and post filtration
  • Local and point-of-use storage tanks
  • HBS 63mm piping for compressor room piping and main headers
  • AP 20mm & AP 25mm piping for drops to equipment
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