How to Repair Leaks in Compressed Air System for Free

Oct 12, 2020 by Brad Taylor

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Did you know that you could get leaks in your compressed air system fixed for free?

Yes, free. This is not a trick! It’s a program from ComEd—and a benefit you’re entitled to as a ComEd client.

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Fluid-Aire Dynamics is an approved service provider under the ComEd Fix-It-Now leak repair program, a benefit provided for ComEd customers in Northern Illinois. Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact a Fix-It-Now Program Specialist at (847) 678-8388.
  2. Our technician finds leaks in your system using an ultrasonic detector, which can detect even the smallest air leak.
    Our technician finds leaks in your system
  3. If the leaks can be fixed on the spot, we’ll get them all done right away. If the leaks are too numerous to repair in a single visit, we’ll schedule an appointment to come back and fix the rest later.
  4. We send the bill to ComEd. ComEd covers the costs of repair up to $120 per leak. If a leak costs more than that to repair, we skip over it but leave it tagged so that if you choose to get it fixed later, you know where it is.

That’s it! You’ll have your leaks fixed, and you’ll never even see an invoice.

What’s the catch?

No catch—Fix-It-Now is real program offered through ComEd. In fact, you’ve already paid for it. If you look at your energy bill, you’ll see a line under “Taxes and Other Fees” for the “ComEd Energy Efficiency Program.” Money for the compressed air system leak repair program comes out of this budget. ComEd provides this service to improve overall energy efficiency and help them better regulate the load on the power grid.

What does the compressed air system leak repair program cover?

ComEd will pay up to $120 for each leak discovered and repaired. That’s enough to cover the cost of the majority of leaks found in industrial compressed air systems. If we find a larger leak that will cost more than $120 to repair, we’ll tag it and give you an estimate for the additional cost. (If you have a leak this size, you probably already know it—and any additional repair costs will be more than paid for in energy savings.) ComEd will also pay to replace air nozzles that do not meet current OSHA regulations.

Picture for compressed air system leak repair program


Why should I care about leaks in my compressed air system?

Because little leaks can add up to big money over time. Leaks in your compressed air system make the system work harder. That means the system is using more energy to maintain pressure. On average, we identify 24 leaks during a Fix-It-Now call, and a large complex system may have even more. That adds up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in extra energy costs each year—or even tens of thousands for a large plant.

Who qualifies for the leak repair program?

To qualify for the Fix-It-Now program, you must:

  1. Have your power supplied by ComEd. (Note: it doesn’t matter if you purchase your power through a third party energy provider. As long as your power ultimately comes from ComEd, you qualify.)
  2. Have a primary compressed air system of 25HP or larger (not including backup systems).
ComEd Map


Why should I call Fluid-Aire Dynamics for leak repair?

Fluid-Aire Dynamics is a qualified provider under the ComEd program—and we know compressed air. We specialize in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of industrial compressed air systems. We deliver outstanding customer support backed by our four-hour emergency response guarantee.

Our repair technicians have specialized equipment for leak detection, so we can find the leaks your maintenance department is likely to miss. And once we find them, we know how to fix them quickly and safely,  minimizing disruption to your operations.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers are saying:

“The ComEd Fix-It-Now Leak Repair Program is an excellent option for anyone looking to save their company some money, all at no cost to them. By completing this program, with the help of Fluid-Aire Dynamics, our company was able to save $530/year by locating and repairing 27 air leaks, which reduced our compressor load by 17.6 cfm and stopped a waste of 7,582 kWh/year…all for free!” – Craig Shoemaker, Plant Manager, Midco International, Inc. 

What our customers are saying

How do I get my compressed air system leaks fixed for free?

We’re currently scheduling two to three months out, but if you have an urgent need we can schedule you right away.

The sooner you sign up for the Fix-It-Now program, the sooner you can get your leaks repaired and start saving money on your energy bills. Don’t let this opportunity escape into thin air!

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