The 4th Utility – Compressed Air

  • wind-turbinesDid you know that compressed air is your hidden forth utility? Did you know it’s also your most expensive?
  • Do you generate your own electricity, pump and filter your own fresh water or drill for your own natural gas? I the am guessing your answer is “no”. What if the same could be said about the compressed air?

We can’t exactly distribute compressed air through pipe lines like we can with natural gas and water, but we can relieve you of the responsibility of owning your own equipment, maintenance and repairs.

What is Utili-Aire?

Imagine if you never had to buy another air compressor again whether upgrading, replacing or down sizing, or had to frantically call a technician to complete a repair because your air compressor down again! What if you never had to worry about maintenance again? That is Ultili-Aire….. Zero Ownership, Zero Hassel, Increased  Up-time – Guaranteed!

At Fluid- Aire Dynamics we have been selling, servicing, and installing air compressor systems since 1983. In our 100 years of combined experience, we have found that what’s most important to our customers is – nobody wants to experience downtime. So we designed a program that minimizes down downtime including:

  • 2 hour Onsite Response Team
  • Free rentals
  • 24/7 HawkEye Monitoring System
  • Budgeted Annual compressed air costs with monthly billing
  • Guaranteed air quality
  • Increased Productivity
  • Zero Hassle

This is a program that allows you to buy whatever horsepower you need at any given time. The equipment we use is only VSD type that has the potential to save you tens of thousands of dollars a year and in some cases the saving pay for the months cost of the program! If you ever need to upsize your equipment, no problem, we will swap out a larger machine (Or smaller) with no installation costs – we simple just upgrade your subscription.

Will this program make me more productive?

Absolutely! Since we are monitoring your air compressor system in real time, we can be proactive. For example, a trigger alarm will be set that can send an e-mail if the discharge temperature is exceeding a predetermined temperature before you are in a shut down situation. This simple feature could save you thousands in lost production revenues because a shutdown was prevented.

Will this program make me more profitable?

With the Full Coverage and Zero Ownership programs, you no longer have to worry about repairs or maintenance – we got it covered. No more risk of having to cover the cost of an expensive air end failing or an inlet valve that needs rebuilding – it’s included.

Free Rentals are also included in the Full Coverage and Zero ownership program. We have complete fleet of diesels ready to go with integrated desiccant air dryers.
No need to bring in expensive auditors to survey your air compressor system – we are doing it every five seconds for as long as you are on the program. You can download this data or view the online graphs for your own internal analysis.

What are other financial benefits?

  • We guarantee maximum uptime keeping your production running producing revenue that you’re in business to do
  • We guarantee dry clean compressed air keeping your pneumatic cylinders and values clean minimizing productions equipment repair costs. Additional levels of filtration for your special application can be included.
  • No maintenance or unplanned repair costs to worry about.
  • No capital outlay.
  • Monthly subscription is a complete write off – it’s an expense.
  • We are monitoring the efficiencies of your compressors showing you in $$ your savings(energy). This always makes the money counters happy. Shows actual cost of compressed air.
  • Possibly reduce the maintenance department work load – allow them to focus on maintaining other production equipment.
  • No unplanned emergency service or rental costs. It’s our responsibility.
  • Monthly billing – truly predictable compressed air cost. Just like your car lease or your monthly cell phone payment.
  • We will even take responsibility of your existing equipment.

How do you get started?

  • Firstly, a 30 day energy survey of your existing compressor needs to be complete to determine your actual compressed air requirements including flow, pressure, kW input and air quality required.
  • With the data, we’ll determine the current efficiency primarily kW/100 cfm  of your system. This will help you decide what program to proceed with.
  • Prepare a Proposal for each of the four programs
  • Meet with all decision makers to discuss the proposal
  • Finalize an agreement and get the program signed up.
  • Lastly, forget about managing the air compressors – we got you covered!

Nationwide Shipping

We provide industrial air compressors, air dryers (refrigerated air dryers, desiccant air dryers), compressed air systems, and parts nationwide. Contact us if you need help selecting the right compressed air equipment for your application.

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