pneutech-monitoring-logoWith the PneuTech Monitoring system, you can monitor your air compressor system by simply logging onto our website, log into your account and be able to see the running conditions of each of your compressors and dryers (refrigerated air dryers, desiccant air dryers). You’ll also be able to receive energy analysis reports automatically to key personnel in your organization.

This monitoring service will watch the vital signs of the compressor and send alarms based on preset conditions. Email alerts will be sent if an alarm conditions occurs. This service also includes a power monitor that will show you in real-time the amount of electric energy being used and will keep up to 5 years of data stored. This feature alone is worth thousands when compared to an energy audit service.  This will also compare your current mode of operation to other types, sizes and variations of equipment and show you in dollars your savings based on a more efficient type of equipment.

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PneuTech Monitoring


Key points of your air compressor monitored are:

  • Air Compressor discharge oil temperature
  • Kilowatt input 
  • Run hours
  • Loaded & Unloaded Hours
  • Discharge pressure 
  • Dryer heat exchange temperature
  • Final system pressure
  • Filtration differential pressure
  • CFM Output
  • CFM/Kw efficiency
  • System leak rate
  • Total compressed air cost/annually
  • Total motor starts
  • Savings if VFD compressor had been used
  • Maintenance Monitor
  • Ability to view all points in and Excel file or view the online graphs
  • Sends Alarms via email of an alarm before it become a failure
  • Reduces maintenance costs – it’s performed as required not just a calendar schedule.


  • Dew point temperature
  • Cooling water input temperature
  • Vibration Monitor
  • Sound level monitor





Contact us today to learn more about how the
PneuTech Monitoring System will help your business!