What is the ComEd Small Business Offering?


At Fluid-Aire we are a certified Small Business Offering, Trade Ally.

The Small Business Offering incentivizes many types of energy improvements, including lighting, heating, and compressed air.

The most popular compressed air incentive is for business with rotary-screw air compressors. ComEd offers businesses that are currently using a rotary-screw air compressor, a generous incentive to purchase a new type of rotary-screw compressor that’s more energy efficient.

Business may qualify for the Small Business Offering even if they use a third-party energy provider. (As long as ComEd is their service provider.)

To qualify for the Small Business Offering, business must have a commercial demand of 0 – 100 kw. At Fluid-Aire we’re happy to help business look at their electric bill, and determine if they qualify for the Small Business Offering.

For business above 100 kw commercial demand, other types of ComEd incentives may be available.

Commercial Demand Range Example

Small Business Offering

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