Print shops rely on compressed air for many vital processes. They use it for everything from film-fixing equipment to sheet-fed printing presses. Many have needed the support of a qualified compressed air company when trying to maximize the productivity of their print shop.

Printing Industry

Some were frustrated with moisture in their air lines causing fish-eyed printing jobs, ruined product, and damaged machinery. By working with them to ensure they had adequate refrigerated air dryer and inline filtration, it was possible for these printers to use state-of-the-art printing equipment to create flawless print work.

Others find they often have to replace air tools that are corroding from poor air quality and water in their lines, an issue that can lead to fish-eyes paint finishes. Read our blog How to Prevent Water from Getting into Compressed Air Lines to ensure your lines are operating correctly and giving you the results you need.

Others were needing compressed air for collating and binding machines. We were able to help them with this, as well as with blowers and vacuum for folding and cutting machines.

Printing Industry

With 24/7 emergency service and fast response times from their compressed air service provider, print shops can minimize downtime and lost productivity. Not only that, but with preventative maintenance, emergency service is needed a lot less often, and saves time and money in the long run.

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Finally, print shops have proved the value of compressed air audit because they have been able to understand the fluctuations in air demand in their system. They were able to determine whether or not a variable speed drive compressor and/or dryer would save them money on their electric bill. Some have taken advantage of their energy provider incentives programs, resulting in as low as $0 capital expenditure on their new compressor!

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