From cutting to polishing workstations, compressed air is crucial for marble and granite shops. At Fluid-Aire Dynamics, we are dedicated to helping your business overcome challenges with compressed air systems, so you can keep your operations running at full speed.

Marble and Granite Industry

Several shops have reported that their polishers receive insufficient air pressure, causing them to run slower. If this is the case in your shop, you may need to upsize your compressor, maintain your air tools that may be using excessive amounts of air, or check for leaks in your piping/connections.

For more information, see our blog on Pressure Drop and How it’s Costing You Money.

Other marble and granite shops have premature compressed air equipment failures because of poor ambient conditions. Our clients have found that increased regular maintenance paired with enclosure panels that include heavy-duty panel filtration, has helped to reduce granite dust and moisture settlement within the machine. Therefore, increasing the lifetime of their compressed air equipment.

Marble and Granite Industry

We also know that when it comes to downtime, your business cannot afford slow response time from your service provider.That’s why we provide 24/7 emergency service to minimize this time and expense for your shop.

Aside from emergency situations, our marble and granite clients have appreciated our proactive approach to reducing compressed air and energy consumption.Through compressed air audit, we can understand the fluctuations in air demand in your system to help you to determine whether or not a variable speed drive compressor and/or refrigerated air dryer would save you money on your electric bill. With your energy provider’s energy incentives program, you may even qualify for a large discount on your new compressor.