For machining and metalworking shops, compressed air is vital for everything from cutting and welding equipment to finishing metal products. At Fluid-Aire Dynamics, we are committed to helping your shop overcome challenges with your system, so you can keep your operations running at full speed.

Machining and Metalworking Industry

Several machining and metalworking shops report moisture in airlines, which causes tool change failures. By working with our clients to ensure they have adequate refrigerated air dryer and inline filtration, we minimize moisture issues to ensure this damage does not persist.

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We have also seen several shops purchase bottled nitrogen for applications like laser cutting. We assist these businesses with the design and installation of their own nitrogen generation system, saving them significant money in the long run by eliminating the ongoing costs of purchasing bottled nitrogen.

Machining and Metalworking Industry

We also recognize that as a metalworking manufacturer, downtime is something your business cannot afford. We offer actual 24/7 emergency service that minimizes this time and expense and gets your productivity back on track.

Aside from emergency situations, our metalworking clients have appreciated our proactive approach to reducing compressed air and energy consumption. Through compressed air audit report, we can understand the fluctuations in air demand in your system, helping you determine whether or not a variable speed drive compressor and/or dryer would save you money on your electric bill. Some of our clients have taken advantage of their energy provider incentives programs, resulting in as low as $0 capital expenditure on their new compressor!

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