Compressed air is vital for chemical manufacturers. It is used to help operate production equipment, especially in applications such as control valves and cylinders. Many have experienced issues with their systems, and have needed the support of a qualified compressed air company.

Chemical Manufacturing Industry

Some experienced impaired chemical drying because of moisture in their air lines. They needed adequate refrigerated air dryer and inline filtration in order to minimize the moisture issue. We worked with them to make sure this damage was no longer caused.

Others were looking to increase safety in their facilities. They wanted to handle fluid pumping systems while avoiding the risk of explosion. They also wanted to prevent dirt, dust, and fumes from entering into vital processes. By using compressed air they were able to operate the fluid pumping systems. Not only that, but they were able to use air curtain systems for cleaner ambient air near vital chemical processes.

Chemical manufacturers rely on fast response times from their compressed air service provider in order to minimize downtime. This reduces lost productivity and increases profitable uptime. Fluid-Aire Dynamics offers 24/7 emergency service in order to provide the fastest response time possible.

Chemical Manufacturing Industry

Finally, chemical manufacturers have appreciated a proactive approach to reducing compressed air and energy consumption. By performing compressed air audit, we can understand the fluctuations in air demand in their compressed air system. This will help them to determine whether or not a variable speed drive compressor and/or dryer would save them money on their electric bill. Some have taken advantage of their energy provider incentives programs, resulting in as low as $0 capital expenditure on their new compressor!