Extend-Aire Warranty Protection Program


Fluid-Aire Dynamics now offers an extended warranty for your oil-flooded rotary screw and vane compressors. Coverage is available on most major manufacturers’ compressors. Once the warranty expires on your rotary screw or rotary vane compressor, a failure could cost thousands of dollars! Protect your investment by signing up for the Fluid-Aire Dynamics Extend-Aire™ Warranty.Extend-Aire Warranty Protection Program

Extend-Aire will cover the Air-End, Oil Cooler, and Oil Sump Tank for up to 80,000 hours or to 20 years from the manufacture date (whichever comes first). If any of these major components of your air compressor fail, we will replace or rebuild the component at no charge. Once your registration is received, we will review it. Upon preliminary acceptance, we will ask for additional information, such as Average Annual Operating Hours, Date of last Full Maintenance, Number of Hours Since Last Full Maintenance, etc.

Here is how the program works:

1. Register Your Compressors

We’ll need the basics, like the make/brand, model number, serial number and the month and year the unit was manufactured.

2. Buy Genuine PneuTech Consumable Parts

Maintain your compressors using PneuTech Parts and Lubricants at the required intervals.

3. Provide Oil Samples

We will supply oil sample kits for your convenience. Oil samples are required every 6 months or 2000 hours of operation.

Once your air compressor is accepted into the Extend-Aire program, you have the opportunity to purchase a yearly maintenance kit, with all the required components: Intake Filter, Panel Filter, Oil Filter, Air/Oil Separator and Lubricant as well as the oil sampling kit. We will also include a convenient maintenance log decal for the unit. We even remind you when it is time for your scheduled periodic maintenance.

Protect Your Compressor From Component FailureExtend-Aire Warranty Protection Program

 Air-End coverage includes housing, rotors, bearings, internal gear sets, turn-valve, etc,.

 Oil Sump Tank covered against defects, including the lid.

 Oil Cooler covered against leakage due to failed tubs or welds and internal plugging.


Extend-Aire Warranty Program Brochure

Extend-Aire Warranty Program Terms & Conditions


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The Extend-Aire Warranty Program is a parts-only warranty. It does not include labor for removal or installation of the failed components, nor does it include external valving or connected accessories. If necessary, the labor to rebuild the failed component is covered.