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15% OFF Any Replacement Parts or
Compressor Supplies
Needing to order parts or supplies for your compressor system? Now’s the time to take advantage of our already competitive prices and give our parts department a try. We have warehouses throughout the midwest stocked with the most common replacement components and supplies. Plus our expert team sources even the most obscure parts on the market.
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20% OFF 1 Year Standard
Maintenance Agreement
We know that compressed air is critical to your operation. Why not rely on the Fluid-Aire Experts to take care of the regular preventative maintenance tasks and supplies with our Standard Maintenance Agreement at a great discount. For one fixed annual cost, your system will be healthy and operating at top efficiency. We care about your air!
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25% OFF New PneuTech Model
Place an order or take delivery of any PneuTech Rotary Screw Compressor, Refrigerated Air Dryer, Desiccant Dryer, or In-Line Filtration Units in stock and save a bundle. Plus your new equipment purchase may qualify for energy incentives from your power provider and tax incentives from the IRS. Talk to your Fluid-Aire professional today for details.
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FREE Complete System Audit
with Data Logging
When was the last time you had your system audited for energy efficiency and poor compressed air uses in your operation? We will perform a complete system audit and give you the comprehensive report at no cost to you. See if upgrading to a VSD is right for your operation. Understand where the energy you spend on compressed air is being wasted and what can be done about it at low or no cost to you.
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