How Does a Little Extra Cash Sound?

Here at Fluid-Aire Dynamics, we are always happy and appreciate our customers referring us to another company for our services and products. To help make referrals fun and easy, we are offering our customers a cash reward. The reward only applies if the customer referred is not a current Fluid-Aire Dynamics customer.

The reward amount is based off the total running HP of the customers compressed air system. The amounts are as follows:

  • $20 for systems 10 Horsepower and below
  • $50 for systems 15 – 30 Horsepower
  • $75 for systems 40 – 60 Horsepower
  • $100 for systems 75 – 150 Horsepower
  • $200 for systems 200 Horsepower and up

Rewards will be paid out after the customer referred makes a transaction with Fluid-Aire Dynamics. Rewards will only be paid out once per customer referred. Referred customers must make a transaction within 90 days of the referred date.

Fill out the form below or Call 877-426-4458 to register by phone.